So you’re considering vasectomy?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about vasectomy for a while; perhaps you just want to take control of your own fertility.  Maybe you’re curious.  Possibly you’re terrified...

Whatever your reasons, whatever your concerns, we at Centric Vasectomy Clinic are here to answer your questions, allay your fears, and, should you choose, to perform this simple yet highly-effective contraceptive procedure, using the most up-to-date technique in the world:

The no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy.

No needle? No scalpel? Yes really.

Tell me more

Vasectomy is a permanent and safe method of contraception for men, which does not adversely affect hormones, health, or sexual performance.

It’s always been straightforward: the vasa (the tubes carrying sperm from the testes) are accessed and divided, thus preventing “live” sperm from entering the semen. Traditionally, this entailed two small incisions on the scrotum, and a couple of stitches. 

Now it’s even simpler: our clinical lead, Dr Emmet Byrne, has undergone specialist urology training in the US in the very latest gold standard no-needle, no-scalpel method, where just a single puncture is made under local, non-injected anaesthetic. This means no stitches, improved recovery time, and significantly less chance of complications.

The procedure itself takes just thirty minutes.

Two subsequent laboratory tests on semen samples confirm that the treatment has worked.

Tell me how

Your doctor may refer you, but you can also refer yourself (see below).

Either way, once we’ve received your referral, a member of our team will call you to talk you through the procedure, and tell you how to prepare – we at Centric pride ourselves on treating every patient with dignity, compassion and respect.

With your agreement, we’ll arrange an appointment for your consultation and the procedure.

On the day

On arrival, the clinician will discuss the procedure with you, and address your questions and concerns. You will be given advice on post-procedure care too.

As for the procedure itself, it takes just half an hour and there is little discomfort. Afterwards, you will be provided with a pack containing information, as well as all items required for your future semen samples, including labelled sample containers, lab request forms, and addressed envelopes.

Back at home

- Take it easy. Avoid even non-strenuous activity for 24 hours, and avoid sports or heavy physical activity for seven days.

- Avoid sexual activity for seven days.

- Wear supportive underwear for seven days.

- Discomfort should be minimal: paracetamol or ibuprofen can be taken if required, and an ice pack can be used outside of clothes.

- Do not have unprotected intercourse until you have received confirmation that your procedure has been successful!

But did it work?

At 16 and 18 weeks, we ask you to submit semen samples as per the instructions in your information pack, for laboratory testing to ensure there is no sperm present. A member of our team will be in touch with your results. Another form of contraception should be used until we confirm your samples are sperm-free.

Please do remember, vasectomy does not protect against sexually-transmitted diseases. If in doubt, use a condom.

What it costs

Consultation with procedure and follow-up care: €500

Consultation only: €150

How to book


Use the BOOK NOW button, or contact us for assistance.

Ph: 01 2993555


GP Referrals:

GPs should complete the Healthlink Referral Form (we are listed as a private hospital). Referral letters by fax or email are also accepted.

Fax: 01 524 0194


The Centric Specialist Care Vasectormy clinic is led by Dr. Emmett Byrne who has undergone specialist training with a urologist in the United States and practices the no-needle, no-scalpel technique.