Cardiometabolic Disease Preventative Healthcare Programme


What is Cardiometabolic Health?

Cardiometabolic health is a process of identifying and putting various measures in place to help us live our healthiest selves long before symptoms would prompt us to visit the doctor and be diagnosed with cardiometabolic disease.   The Cardiometabolic programme steps in to stop the disease bullet from leaving the gun. 

Cardiometabolic disease is a range of diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia that cause illness and eventual death in about 80% of (non-smoking) people.  By identifying the risk factors and early signs of these diseases through our programme, we can slow or stop them before the diseases set in.  These risk factors can exist in our bodies and be working silently for years without our knowing anything until we actually have a diagnoses.

Standard screening or full medicals do not specifically look at risk factor velocity or unless specifically indicated, genetic susceptibility, so these early indicators are not picked up and addressed early enough.

Common risk factors include insulin resistance, hypertension and abnormal blood cholesterol levels. The risk factors originate themselves from both genetic and environmental situations.

The Cardiometabolic Programme is a Preventative Healthcare Programme that focuses on early intervention through specialised tests, in depth medical history and examination.  Subsequent diagnosed risks to our patients health are addressed and reviewed periodically to prevent disease setting in.

Who Does this Programme benefit?

The disease process begins long before patients show symptoms.  Your family history indicates when you should attend a Cardiometabolic screening.  If you have a history of Heart Disease in your family, you will benefit from assessment in your late 20’s.  If your family is full of people getting letters from the President on their 100th birthday, you’re probably fine visiting us aged 35.  To put it differently, a 60 year old diagnosed with heart disease probably had identifiable risk factors in his/her 30’s.

Why should we do this?

Cardiometabolic preventative healthcare can halt or slow the onset of cardiometabolic disease so we live longer.  It also improves our quality of life because we are not suffering with these diseases in our 50’s and 60’s.  Human life span has extended over the last 30 years but our quality of life span has yet to catch up. As the general population longevity curve (below) shifts to the right it is important to maintain function and independence throughout our later years. Slowing the onset of disease will optimise lifespan but more importantly optimise the quality of these years.

This prevention based program measures the key parameters to aging and is not only diagnostic but also therapeutic.  It designs the daily habits required specific to each individual to offset risk factors that drive chronic disease and inflammation. We optimise  exercise (movement), nutrition, sleep, stress management (mindfulness/meditation), nutritional supplements and medications/hormones (if required) for each individual based on accurate specific testing and re-measure risk to ensure progress.

The programme is delivered by specialist doctors and nurses working in the area of preventative medicine

Currently, 2 programmes are available:

Standard Programme - €375

In depth online questionnaire – Specialist nurse review for fitness testing and biometrics – Results(Video consult with doctor) report and plan – Further management required as per individual need.

Extended Programme - €895

In depth online questionnaire – Nurse specialist for fitness testing and biometrics – Doctor review, history and examination – Results of testing (video consult with doctor) – nutritionist review – Full report and plan (video consult with doctor) – Specialist nurse review Retesting – Video consult with doctor for results – Follow up as required per individual need.